3 Mistakes businesses make when creating content

mistakes businesses make when creating content

Creating content is getting easier and easier: we now have all the tools, schedulers, and apps that help you stay consistent and save time when you create. 

It feels that everyone is running an online business this year. It seems to be simpler and more demanding than ever to go viral and keep your audience engaged.

This year I helped different businesses create content and find their brand voice. I also noticed 3 mistakes brand owners make over and over again.

Here are 3 content marketing mistakes businesses often make and how to solve them:

Mistakes businesses make when creating content

Copying competitors and not listening to their clients

Spying on competitors, targeting their audience, creating similar ads… probably something every business has done less or more. 

The truth is, you need to gain a competitive advantage by knowing what other businesses in your niches are doing to market, and I am not arguing against that.

But more often than not, businesses tend to forget it’s harder to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one.

If you want to have a successful online business, your primary focus should be your audience, ensuring that your customers are happy and keep buying your new products.

Instead of always checking what your competitors are doing, make sure you solve a real problem, and you know your audience’s main struggles.

Social media has given us so many tools businesses can work with: you can create quizzes, polls, and add questions to your stories for free.

All you need is to go and have real conversations with your audience.

Focusing on numbers and not on real connections

Businesses often forget that there are real people behind that “number of followers” everyone seems to be obsessed with these days.

Why get mad when people unfollow you? Isn’t it clear that your message does not resonate with that person anymore? 

Would you rather have numbers or real customers and connections?

Talking to everybody

I know people hate the word niche, and that’s not what I’m talking about. But you can be selling candies, and still, your message will not resonate with everyone.

And this is why you need to know your audience’s characteristics: from their lifestyle, interests, age to education, income level, and location.

Don’t forget that building authority in your niche is never about the number of your followers. It’s about building a real connection that generates sales.

Let’s work together and make sure you’ll have a successful business in 2021!


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