Creating a Fall Instagram Aesthetic

fall aesthetic

Autumn… probably my favorite season.

Seriously, what can be better than going on a foggy walk, just to return home for a marathon of scary movies, or staying indoors, reading a good book while burning your favorite candles and listening to the rain outside.

The Fall season can be so much fun! But what I love most about it is how colorful it is!
However, my Instagram feed has a lot of blue, so I want to change it to a warmer tone for the new season.

I shared how I edit my photos for Instagram in a new Youtube video, and below, you’ll find all the Lightroom settings I used for you to create the same look:

Lightroom Settings to get this look:


Temp: +9


Exposure: +0,50

Contrast: +6

Highlights: -100

Shadows: +2

Whites: -59

Blacks: -6


Texture: -9

Clarity: +18

Vibrance: +12



Hue: +28

Saturation: +28

Luminance: 0


Hue: -19

Saturation: -17

Luminance: -6


Hue: -55

Saturation: -43

Luminance: -24


Hue: -73

Saturation: -29

Luminance: -14


Hue: +51

Saturation: +42

Luminance: +29


Hue: +16

Saturation: +19 

Luminance: +43



Tint: -1

Red Primary:

Hue: -12

Saturation: -5

Green Primary: 

Hue: +58

Saturation: +20

Blue Primary:

Hue: +10

Saturation: 0

Here are some Before/After Photos:

The plan was to create a soft autumn peachy look so that I can transition to darker colors in the future.

Check some ideas on how to take better travel photos, and receive a free preset.

Stay tuned for more preset Ideas like this one.



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