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I believe that your brand has a unique story to tell and can stand out even in a saturated market.

My mission is to help brands stand out from the crowd and gain visibility by helping them create a solid social media strategy, unique and authentic content.

Using strong visuals, a distinctive color palette, and a strong social media strategy will not only boost your presence but will also help you build a long-term relationship with your customers.

Services I Offer

Content CreationRepurposing ContentSocial Media ConsultingSocial Media Management
Helping you build a consistent online presence through unique content. 
I make sure that the content I create for you fits your brand identity. 
This includes:
+ Photo/ video editing services
+ Creating unique presets
+Creating graphics
Content creation alone will not get your brand in front of a completely new audience every day, but repurposing your content for different social media platforms will. 

Unlike other services, we can work together on creating a unique design for each one of your posts.
My priority is to help you save time and get your content in front of a new audience.
What is keeping your brand from standing out? But more importantly, what keeps you from getting that organic visibility we all crave?

+ Receive a long-term content creation/ social media strategy

+ Social Media Audit (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook)

+ Market/ competition research
Have someone who creates, shares, and engages with your audience but also understands social media metrics. 

 + Always make sure your platform is fully optimized

+ Develop strategies and be ahead of your competitors

 + Grow new audience on Instagram and Pinterest 

UGC Content


Personalized Puzzle Feed

Before and After


Case Study

During our initial call, my customer and I discussed the brand image on Instagram. In this particular case, my customer’s request was to change her salon’s image and make it look more professional on social media.

The customer was asked to share some unedited photos of the salon. The images were then edited so that we can get a consistent look and establish the brand colors. 

From the teal color the customer used on her website, we created a color palette suitable for every season, giving her brand a glam look and making her brand stand out.

The customer then received an improvement plan we discussed in the second call. 

The improvement plan included the following topics:

– how to be an authority in your field

– how to increase engagement

– how to shoot better photos

– competitor analysis

– brainstormed photo ideas, gave ideas on how to improve photography and how to shoot the products/ salon 

– created new content and and discussed the brand aesthetic.

*The look on the feed is based on the content I received from the customer during the initial call. Please note it is not the final look. 



Video Editing Servicces

What My Clients Say

Cheryl:I loved working with Claudia! She did an impeccable job in rebranding travel content for my social media platforms and blog. She understood my vision and helped bring it to life, plus she exceeded my expectations by putting me in the best position to monetised from my business. Her knowledge, creativity, uniqueness and passion is incredible. Claudia is gifted with a rare talent, she is professional and her commitment to the project was astonishing.

Christina: Claudia did an amazing job , very punctual and talented. She looked after my social media and branding with great care and skill. She is wonderful to work with, reliable and full of initiative.I will hire her again and recommend her to fellow entrepreneurs.

Anca: I would like to take a moment and share the great experience I had while working with Claudia on a quick and urgent editing project.Her professionalism and talent proved to be the key in the success of this collaboration. She has a great attention to detail and very creative ideas. The result exceeded my expectations.

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