Instagram Reels content ideas

Instagram Reels Content Ideas

100 + Instagram Reels Content Ideas for Travelers

Coming up with new Instagram Reels content ideas can be a bit of a challenge, especially as a travel blogger in 2020.

We are not allowed to travel, and fewer people are searching for travel destinations on google. Is growth still possible for a travel blogger? And how to generate new content and ideas when you are now traveling?

The good news is, Reels is the new Instagram growth accelerator, you can still grow with Reels and repurpose old content.

If you aren’t sure what to post on reels and need to discover different content types, keep reading because I listed all the Reels content ideas you need to grow within your travel niche.

And you’re looking to use reels to grow on Instagram, you might want to check my blog post: How to Make the Most of Reels in Your Instagram Growth Strategy.

But you also can promote your business using Instagram Reels, so if you’re a business owner in search for content make sure to read that as well.

Vlog Style Reels Ideas

Who said you could not repurpose old travel vlogs and create engaging 15-30 seconds videos?

Below some ideas:

  1. A day in the life as a travel blogger
  2. A blooper video
  3. Share something unusual that happened during a trip
  4. Share a story about how you connected with the locals during your travels
  5. Share how local people celebrate a particular event (See my Reel on Yi Peng)
  6. Travel Storytime
  7. Take snippets of your day and make a compilation
  8. Go for a walk, take photos and share them (See my Reel idea)
  9. Share how you celebrate different holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas
  10. Your morning/evening routine
  11. What you eat on a flight
  12. Surviving a long haul flight
  13. Share your travel style
  14. Your to-do list when you are traveling
  15. Culture shock videos
  16. Your travel bucket list
  17. A weekend getaway 
  18. Travel guide to your city
  19. Favorite foods you’ve tried during travels
  20. Digital nomad storytime

Location Specific Reels Content Ideas

While Vlog style is more about your experience and your story, the location-specific reel helps the viewer learn about a destination:

  1. What to visit
  2. Top 5 Instagrammable locations
  3. Pros and Cons of visiting certain places
  4. Share your favorite hotel stay
  5. Top destinations to see in 2021
  6. Share why you need to visit a certain location
  7. Top destinations for a winter holiday
  8. Top summer destinations
  9. Most underrated destinations
  10. Best beaches you’ve been to
  11. Most expensive destinations you’ve been to
  12. Most affordable travel destinations
  13. Favorite airports and why
  14. Hidden spots in a city
  15. Most beautiful hotel/ coffeeshop bathrooms (I saw this Reel idea on Tina Lee’s Instagram)

Female targeted Content Instagram Reels

Did you know that female-focused tourism is one of the fastest-growing segments in the travel industry? Female adventurers are standing out and pushing their limits while doing what they love most: travel.

  1. Solo female travel experience
  2. Safest cities for solo female travelers
  3. Solo female travel first-time destinations
  4. Useful tips for solo female travelers
  5. How to plan a great solo trip
  6. Must have safety items for solo female travelers
  7. Skincare must-haves when traveling
  8. Skincare routine when you travel
  9. Beauty/ skincare items you bought when you traveled
  10. Skincare before a flight
  11. Make-up tutorial when you’re on the run
  12. How to match clothes on the road
  13. What to wear on travels
  14. Your favorite travel outfits
  15. Styling for a specific event/ season
  16. What to wear when you visit… 
  17. Favorite outfits during your travels
  18. “What I would wear if I traveled to…”
  19. How to take photos of yourself when traveling solo
  20. Why you travel solo
  21. Challenges of being a female solo travelers

Tips and how to

Yesss, easy Instagram Reels Content Ideas – You can share absolutely anything educational, from how to pack to how to use a specific software or save money during your travels. Remember to share your passion and expertise with the world:

  1. Packing tips/ Backpacking tips
  2. How to travel with your carry-on only
  3. How you save money while traveling
  4. How to save money for your travels
  5. How to find travel deals
  6. Travel hacking principles
  7. How to stay healthy during your travels 
  8. How to make friends when you travel
  9. How to organize a trip
  10. How to start a travel blog
  11. Share your favorite travel apps
  12. Favorite photo editing apps
  13. How to utilize a specific app
  14. What’s the process behind your edits
  15. Behind the scenes: how you take photos
  16. Behind the scenes: how you film
  17. Transition tutorials
  18. Content tips
  19. Before and After photos
  20. When you first started vs. where you are now
  21. How to take night photos
  22. How to color coordinate your feed
  23. Photography hacks
  24. Camera settings you need to try
  25. How to create one month of content
  26. How to repurpose your content 
  27. How to pose when you travel
  28. Favorite poses
  29. Travel/ content creation mistakes to avoid
  30. Gift guide for travelers
  31. How to create your portfolio 
  32. How to work with hotels

Funny / Personal Instagram Reels

Content that makes people laugh will always have the potential to go viral. Isn’t that why we spend so much time on social media – to be entertained and have a laugh, but also to show your personality and find like-minded people. Here are some ideas for you:

  1. Expectation vs. Reality
  2. Funny storytime from your travels
  3. A travel fail (with the oh no no no no no sound in the background)
  4. “Travelers be like… “
  5. Weird things travelers do
  6. Weird foods you tried
  7. Weird/ absurd conversations you had during your travels
  8. Dumbest things you’ve done while you travel
  9. Words you can’t pronounce
  10. Adventure time gone wrong
  11. Take part in a challenge
  12. Look at what’s trending and recreate it
  13. Unpopular travel opinions
  14. This/ that videos

You see, growth can happen even in 2020, and it is so easy to generate new content and repurpose old one. My initial plan was to share 25/ 50 Reels ideas, but the ideas kept flowing. 

You’ve got this. Let’s start creating, and don’t forget to mention @wherewindstakeme so that I can see your Reels.

Also, if you need more help, remember you can work with me on your Instagram strategy and content.



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