Copenhagen City Break – Day 3

Copenhagen is the type of city I could never get rid of.

During the relatively short city break, we managed to see so much and enjoy the city’s cultural richness.

I wrote a blog post about the first two days we spent in Copenhagen here. If you’re planning a trip to the capital city of Denmark, make sure you check that as well as reference.

Day 3

Day 3 in Copenhagen was pretty eventful as well. We started our day with a bus ride and a longer walk.

Den Lille Havfrue

Our first stop was “Den Lille Havfrue” – the iconic bronze statue of a mermaid becoming human. Although iconic, it had the same effect on me as Manneken Pis in Bruxelles; I did not expect it to be this small.

Kronborg Castle

Located in Helsingør, it is Denmark’s most famous castle, immortalized by Shakespeare in Hamlet! Yes, this is Elsinore, and it’s only one hour away from Copenhagen.

The famous Unesco heritage Castle dates since 1420 but was destroyed by the fire, bombarded, and conquered by the Swedish army. The Kronborg castle towers over the narrowest passage between Sweden and Denmark.

It is not clear if Shakespeare actually visited the castle; however, Hamlet’s soul is still meandering the corridors of Kronborg, and each summer, you’ll be able to attend live performances for different Shakespearian plays.

Do you recognize any famous actors who played here?

Enjoy some photos of the interiors:

Carlsberg Museum

After spending almost half a day at the Hamlet Castle, we decided to return to Copenhagen and relax a bit. So, we visited the Carlsberg Museum.
The museum lures you in from the start, displaying at the very entrance the largest unopened beer bottle collection in the world!

The brewery was founded in 1847, and it was the first in the world to purify yeast, but the fun part starts after learning about the history of Carlsberg.

The museum has some beautiful sculpture gardens, an old brewery, an exhibition of cars, stables with Jutland horses, and a bar, where you can taste the original beer recipe from 1883.

Tycho Brahe Planetarium

Although we were a bit tired and hungry, we decided not to call it a day. Museums close pretty early in Copenhagen, but the planetarium was open until 8 p.m., and we definitely could not miss it!!

The place is Denmark’s most advanced space research – and educational entertainment center.

The best part? It is interactive and so much fun for your entire family.


Check how we spent the last day in Copenhagen here.
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  1. Honestly, Copenhagen has never previously been on my list of places I’d love to go to. Mainly because I had no idea what was there! This article has opened my eyes to it’s beauty, and I can’t wait to go and explore it for myself! Thank you so much for sharing this with us.


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