Copenhagen City Break – Day 4

The last day in Copenhagen was pretty busy; that’s because we wanted to see as much as possible but also catch our flight back, haha.

We woke up pretty early that morning, packed our bags, and stored our bags at the hotel after checking out. We decided to spend more time outside, so we started the day with a walk; our first stop was Christiania.

Freetown Christiania

One of the most popular tourist attractions, the famous green light district of Copenhagen – the place where the residents are followers of the hippie movement and ambassadors of anarchy.

We’ve heard mixed reviews about Christiania, discussions about violence, frequent police raids, different rivalries, and issues related to the drug trade. But we still wanted to visit the famous green light district, and it’s controversial community. One thing we were certain of is that drug dealers don’t enjoy being photographed.

While the rules are not that strict anymore, the hotel staff in Copenhagen advised us to keep a low profile when taking photos. That is why we woke up pretty early that morning. I think it was 8 am when we arrived at the gates that mark the Christiania District. And… yes, there were not many people around! But still, something kept me from taking as many photos as I wanted lol.

I did not expect the walk to be that entertaining, especially at that early hour, but we had lots of fun looking at the graffiti on the walls and staring at the houses. The street art is impressive at every corner. 

I also enjoyed the fact that Christiania is a free-car zone; those people truly live by their environmental-friendly, no-waste beliefs.  

Canal Tour

We joined a guided boat tour and passed marvelous sights in Copenhagen, such as Christianshavn, Our Saviours Church, The Black Diamond, the Little Mermaid. It was raining, so the boats were covered and heated.

We were allowed to take a 15 minutes break at Nyhavn and took some pictures with the colorful houses – the oldest one dates from 1681. 

Nyhavn is Copenhagen’s most famous tourist attractions due to its picturesque and colorful old houses; but also a historical place – for example, the well-known Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen wrote his first fairy tale in house number 20 down the harbor.

Church of our Saviour

Probably one of the most interesting churches I’ve ever seen, beautiful interior but the exterior is what makes the church unique. The Helix Spire can be climbed to the top and offers 360° views over the city – not for the faint harted!

Like any remarkable places, the church also has some mysteries and legends around it. It is said, that its architect killed himself once he realised that the spiral turns the other way round – anticlockwaise. He allegedly jumped from the top of the spire.

The Øresund Aquarium

This stop was our last one and a total mistake. We had a couple more hours to kill, and so we decided to visit the National Aquarium. HOWEVER, not doing previous research, mistook the Den Blå Planet Aquarium with the Øresund Aquarium, which is a reseach center for water environment and part of Copenhagen’s university.

It can be a fun place for kids, but the place is very small and totally not worth a second trip to Helsingør. However, when you visit the Kronborg, and especially if you have the Copenhagen Card with you, it is worth spending 30 minutes there. 

If you are planning a trip to Copenhagen, check our itinerary for the first two days here, and the third day here.

Please note, we bought the Copenhagen card, which included free admissions everywhere and the public transport was also covered. If you are planning to see as many attractions as possible, definitely do not hesitate to buy it.

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3 responses to “Copenhagen City Break – Day 4”

  1. This reminds me so much of my trip to Copenhagen. I can’t believe you got so many photos at Christiana! It was packed when I was there, so I was way too scared.


    • we went specifically in the morning :))) and I feel I didn’t take as many as I wanted but I was scared as well ahahahaha


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