Fuerteventura – Roadtrip continues (day 4 and 5)

Fuerteventura is one of my favorite places for taking long roadtrips, but the windy island is also amazing when it comes to take a day off and just relax.

That’s kinda what we did on day 4 when we went back to visit the sand dunes, then spent the Day at the Corralejo Mall and the evening walking barefoot on the beach.

Not much about this day, except few photos:

Day 5 however was the busiest day… we woke up super early to continue exploring the island. We kinda started the day with no plans, we just had in mind to visit the “original capital of the Kingdom of the Canary Islands”- Betancuria, we eventually got there… after many stops.

First stop – Ermita de la Ampuyenta

An old chapel which dates back to the 17th century and was built in the same traditional architectural style of other chapels on the island. The chapel was declared a historical monument and is protected under law.

Nearby you’ll  find the Casa Museo de Doctor Mena – the house of Doctor Tomas Mena y Mesa (1802-1868) – now museum. We visited the  traditional house from the nineteenth century of the wealthy family, here’s what you’ll find inside:

We also paid a short visit to the  Museo del Queso Majorero, a small museum on the cheese making in Fuerteventura:

We now continued to explore the wilderness of Pájara, stopping our car every 20 minutes to just enjoy the view and the volcanic area. Pájara is also the largest municipality on the island.

We stopped by at the Mirador Guise y Ayose, you’ll find there a spectacular viewpoint and the twin statues of Guise and Ayose, which represent the two ancient Kings who ruled the two Kingdoms of Fuerteventura.

Finally, we got to Betancuria, the former Capital of the Island. The scenery is so beautiful and picturesque and we had a long walk through the old city, the area is very small, has several gift shops, restaurants and an old, white church.

After spending some time in the old capital, we continued our trip into the wilderness. The road was not for the faint hearted but we enjoyed the diverse flora and fauna it offered. Here some breathtaking views:

Our last stop was Ajuy… We visited the black, volcanic beach and the Ajuy Caves, which are spectacular. This so called geological paradise holds the oldest rocks of the Canary Islands. The cliff walk from the black beach to the caves is just astonishing – it takes abut 20 minutes to get there, totally worth it, if you ask me.

The black beach (we stopped to enjoy the ocean, I obviously changed my clothes haha, but the photos were taken on the same day):

The cliffs:

The caves:

I like having busy days when traveling! What about you?


10 responses to “Fuerteventura – Roadtrip continues (day 4 and 5)”

  1. Love this post! I love how much information you share and your pictures are stunning! Definitely putting this on my travel list! Your travels seem amazing!! I’m jealous haha! Thank you for sharing


  2. I need to do this more on my trips instead of just staying on the resort and not leaving my room. I can do that at home…. thanks for the nudge!


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