Fuerteventura – Roadtrip into the wild

I loved Fuerteventura for so many reasons and one of those reasons was the easiness to drive around. If you visit the island, it is an absolute must to rent a car.

On the first two days, we explored the touristic locations in our area, the northern part of Fuerteventura, but our adventure is taking us to the west coast right now.

The island has only two main roads and going on a road trip on the island equals complete relaxation. I mean, the parking is easy to find, the roads are empty and those views will leave you speechless!

With this in mind, we started our day on the road. First stop: The Turtle Nursery

But before that, enjoy some photos we took on the road:

The Turtle Nursery is a very small Centre that provides help for Turtles that suffered injuries from getting tangled in fishing equipment or ingested plastics etc. Most importantly the Centre raises awareness on the importance of saving the Turtles and you can get super close to them.

Next stop was Coffete Beach. We drove the wild road of Jandia Park and words cannot express the view we got there. However, view was not the only thing that took our breath away, it was the wind. I did some research before the trip and I knew the place was windy, so I decided to go with my bohemian veil dress. Do I need to say that the planned Marilyn Monroe moment made me hold on to that dress for dear life? … literally.

Up next we stopped by to this jaw-dropping beach called Risco del Paso. The scenery here is spectacular and the huge sandy beach is so clean and wild, and guess what? It’s kind of a hidden gem, never found the place on any top 10 things to do in Fuerteventura, someone on Instagram recommended that place to me. I mean, the travel community is amazing.

After spending 2-3 hours at the Risco del Paso beach, we decided to go to a more touristy place – Costa Calma. The beach is definitely more populated but worth the visit.

Our last stop was the Aloe Vera museum which was already closed, but that did not stop us to take some photos with the famous miracle plant.

What do you think about the road trip?

And how are your vacations when you travel? Do you prefer to sit in one place the whole day or have it more active?

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