Fuerteventura’s most Instagrammable Places

Scheduling my travel itinerary is the hardest for me – I want to see as many places as possible and I often feel there’s not enough time. 

If you are anything like me and want to take stunning photos during your travels, keep on reading… I am going to share my top 5 instagrammable places in Fuerteventura.

Make sure you don’t miss them if you’re there, hope my photos will convince you.

Fuerteventura Instagrammable Places

5. Corralejo Natural Park

Get lost in the biggest Dune spread in the Canary Islands. The white sands meet the furious ocean in the most beautiful scenery.

We visited the Dunes on our 4th day. Click the link below, if you want to read more about our 4th day in Fuerteventura.

4. Risco del Passo

The never-ending beach has a lot to offer besides the clean water. Those views are paradise like.

Risco del Passo is not a very touristy location, as a matter of fact, I think there were 20 tourists on the entire beach. It is amazing to have such a beautiful beach for yourself. This place truly has potential for the most beautiful photos.

Make sure to read our itinerary for the day we explored this place! Click here for more information on Risco del Passo.

3. Cofete

This wild place will take your breath away… literally! It is so windy you can barely breathe. It is also not a place to visit for the faint-hearted or for new drivers. The road that takes you to this place can be pretty scary, as it is very narrow and with lots of turns. You should also ask your car rental if you are allowed to drive there, because the road there is also unpaved.

The views however, totally mesmerising and definitely unique! Click here to see our day 3 itinerary to Cofete.

2. Lobos Island

An Islet that looks more like a deserted island. We visited this place twice because it was so beautiful! You can only get here by boat or catamaran but it is absolutely worth it.

There are certain tours that will allow you to visit the islet for a couple of hours but I am going to recommend you to take the speedboat or the ferry and spend more time there! If you go there, please hike the oldest volcano in the Canaries, the views there are really so beautiful.

Since the island only inhabited by 3 fishermen, declared a protected area Zone of Special Protection of Birds (ZEPA) and Zone of Special Conservation (ZEC), you will not be allowed to sleep overnight there.

Read more about this place and how we spent the days in the Lobos Island.


1. Ajuy

It was really hard to find my top 5 and even harder to find my favourite place and number 1. I’ve chosen Ajuy based on the variety of things you can see here. You’ll probably find here the most dramatic views of Fuerteventura.

Now let me know your favorites,

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2 responses to “Fuerteventura’s most Instagrammable Places”

  1. Wonderful post. I have not visited Fuerteventura, but Las Palmas on Gran Canarias and Tenerife. The best is Las Palmas. I have made four posts about it.

    Have a wonderful day!


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