Batching content for travel bloggers

Batching. Yes, that is one word every creator is familiar with – or should be. It is a more productive way of creating content in one sitting, whether we talk about advertising campaigns, blog posts, or visual content.

If you are a lifestyle blogger you might find it easier to create and plan your upcoming content. (I cannot create a 3month plan, because I never know what I am going to visit next) And what can you do as a part-time travel blogger/ instagramer? How can you put out content daily if you’re not traveling as much as you want to?

In the early stages, I used to feel so overwhelmed, but traveling was the only thing that made me really happy, so I knew I had no choice but grow within this niche.

I decided to be consistent when I had only 5 vacations a year. A year later, I visited 12 new countries while working a 9-5 job. I learned how to manage my time and I made some sacrifices to get there. If you are interested on how I managed to travel while working a 9-5 job, subscribe to my e-mail list and I will get back to you with my tips.

I agree, it is hard to put out content when you’re first starting and truth is, things might not get better, but you will!

I also struggled with visual content creation, I am not traveling with a professional photographer and sometimes I even travel solo.

If you relate to all this, keep on reading:

1. Content is King

I know this sounds like a Cliche but always choose quality over quantity. It might be better to have fewer posts that are well written and lined up with what you want to communicate, than post daily but lack substance.

It is also about consistency, but consistency does not necessary mean post daily. Of course, the more you post, the more you grow, but consistency means doing it even when time gets hard. Read more about being consistent on social media here.

2. Stay present

When you travel, try to CREATE the content. Pay attention to your surroundings and to the details. It is too much to focus on captions, editing, integrating a photo on your feed and you will miss out on actually enjoying your travels.

I am kind of social-media-absent whenever I travel. Okay, I do post stories, but that is it.

I also feel that storytelling is incomplete without sharing photos. For example, take a look at my Copenhagen post. If I had been busy worrying about what to post next, I wouldn’t have been able to show you as many photos.

3. Who are you talking to?

I have a few friends who are now starting out as bloggers/ travel bloggers and they reach out to me for advice. If you don’t want to run out of content, pay attention to your friends’ questions. They might ask you about a specific airline, they might want to pick your brain on how you travel alone, or simply want to know some airport hacks.

Thing is, as a traveler you never run out on stories, key is to pay attention to people. And just don’t stop, I promise you’ll get there!



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