How to Create Consistent Content on Instagram

  • “How do you create so much content?”
  • “How do you manage to be so consistent?”
  • “Do you really post daily?

These are the top 3 content-related questions people ask me whenever I share my Instagram page with them.

With over 1100 posts on my Instagram page, to say that I am consistent is an understatement. Not to mention, I archived dozens of photos when I decided to niche down my page to travel-only content.

At the beginning, I used Instagram to share my food, my cats, selfies, quotes, concerts, books, photos with friends and ultimately travels. I always liked the platform and I used it to have an online inventory of all the things I found interesting. 

However, it took me a while until I understood that I can actually build a community of like-minded people. I was traveling quite a lot compared to my friends, but I didn’t believe I was good enough to start this: “I am traveling 3-5 times a year, how can I build a community around that?” But then I started traveling more and more, and the more I traveled, the more I enjoyed it.

It was during a solo trip to Norway when I decided to take this seriously. So far the only regret is I did not start earlier.

Here is what I learned about content creation up to this point:

How to Create Consistent Content on Instagram

1. Know your WHY

First of all, don’t start something you’re not passionate about. Creating content around a subject that does not interest you will soon become a tedious activity. You can’t inspire if you are not inspired. So allow yourself to create from a place of excitement and passion. Pay close attention to what genuinely gets you motivated and energized and focus on that.

Whether you want to grow your blog, create a brand, do some market research or simply connect with like-minded people it is really important to know your why. Without having a strong emotional connection to what you are doing, you will easily give up when things get tough.

2. A caption everyone reads

Instagram is not only about sharing photos. It is a highly visual platform but once you spend more time on it, you’ll find out that captions are actually important.

I’ve discussed this with fellow instagrammers and some of them feel that no one gives a damn about their thoughts. And they are partially right – Instagram is not a platform with a low attention span. You sometimes scroll and scroll out of boredom after a long day of monotony, you might not open the app to read thorough reviews and articles.

However, making your page as interactive as possible can only result in building strong relationships with your audience. You’ll never know who takes the time to read what you have to say, never know who will actually comment and answer your questions.

Life on Instagram will be more fun, more meaningful and your motivation will be fueled by the connections you are making on the platform.

You may now ask how to come up with all the ideas and quotes for a good caption. Not going to lie, sometimes that is a headache. However, I’ve learned to dim the pain of lacking ideas by keeping a note with quotes always open on my phone. Whenever I read an idea or a quote I like, I always add that to my inventory. Whenever I experience something incredible, I take my phone out and start writing, after all, I might also share it. Why not write it while it’s fresh in your memory?

Point is, if you need to come up with new captions and ideas daily, you soon might think this is too much work. Having a starting point always helps.

3. Planning your content

I have a friend who is constantly asking me stuff about Instagram – what hashtags to use, how to monetise her page, how to improve her edits and shares with me interesting articles about social media growth. She is a photographer and a freelancer and travels a lot, but the thing is – she posts 3 times a year.

When I first asked her why is she not posting, she answered she does not know what hashtags to use, so I gave her my hashtag list. A month passed but still no new content. I asked her again and she informed me, she is now editing her 30,000 photos in order to decide what to post.

I was perplexed: “you have the content and you are not using it, WHYYYYY?” was my answer. Why would you spend days editing 30,000 photos you might not end up posting, photos and an editing style you might not like in 2 months from now? Why are you focusing on that before even identifying the type of content your target audience wants?

Thing is, growth comes with practice. My editing style is not the same I had 3 months ago. As human, we are all evolving and constantly changing, so does social media and all the tools we use.

Remember this, only practice makes perfect! So start now. Sometimes planning too much for your content will only keep you stuck.

4. Batching Content

Batching is an advanced form of planning. You take a day and you spend it only to create content – whether you write blog posts, edit photos or plan your feed and visuals. On that day, you’re only focusing on ONE task! Nothing else.

If you decide to write for your blog, your task will be to write at least 4 posts. If you decide to plan your feed ahead, you will spend the day editing the photos of your choice, planning the feed, writing captions and doing hashtag research for at least 5 posts.

Yes, this might sound like a lot of work but your creativity will increase significantly and you’ll be more effective since you won’t have to switch your brain from task to task.

What is your number one struggle when it comes to creating consistent content?



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13 responses to “How to Create Consistent Content on Instagram”

  1. One of the better articles on Instagram I’ve read in a while. The biggest shock was the “before and now” pics of your content. Really shows the difference between just posting whatever, and being a content creator and having a “brand.” Great stuff!


  2. Finding my “why” has been quite difficult! I know I love to write and share, but narrowing it down to find the audience that fits ME has been a challenge. I often joke that I’m the most boring person on earth — and honestly, I believe that. I come from small town USA where life is slower, calmer, and just “every day” normal. Thanks for the tips! I hope to start trying to narrow mine down!


    • Coming from a place where life moves at a slower pace does not mean you are boring. Boring people have no interests, no opinions and nothing to share. Starting a blog means the exact opposite. Thank you for taking the time to share your story and good luck x


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