5 Travel Apps you probably never heard of

Technology made travel so easy and having access to reliable information is crucial for a good vacation.

I went on Instagram stories yesterday and asked you to help me choose my next blog post. Over 60% of you selected A – Favorite travel Apps.

We all use so many apps already, so this is NOT going to be a long list of generic apps you can use while you travel.

Instead, I want to share with you some travel apps I really enjoy using before and while traveling, apps that are not as widely used.

They are listed in no particular order below:


A smart packing app that will tell you what to bring with you on your vacation based on the length of it, activities arranged and weather.


This is an amazing app for foodies to find places to eat while traveling. I use it to find vegetarian friendly restaurants and you can easily book a table directly through the app.


A very useful app for those who use public transport while traveling. It helps you find the fastest route combining buses, trains, ferries and taxies.


This is a really fun app to use while you travel. If you eat out, you can actually scan the bill and this app will calculate the tip amount per person. The app will tell you how to tip appropriately in each situation.


The app keeps track of the countries and US states that you visited. This is an amazing app that shows you how less you traveled, the perfect motivation to travel more.

Look at my insights, 30 countries and only 12% of the world.

Have you ever used any of these apps?

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10 responses to “5 Travel Apps you probably never heard of”

  1. I didn’t like Pack Point. It didn’t have a lot of my activities so I had to build my own lists. Then it erased everything one day between packing. Great in theory!


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