Copenhagen City Break – day 1 and 2

Copenhagen was such a big surprise to me. The city blew my mind when it comes to cultural richness, history and fun things to do. 

We visited it at the end of October and the weather was 10 times colder than what I expected but still, the city had so much to offer.

We were there for 4 days, so we really tried to make the most of it.

Day one

We arrived in the evening at CPH airport so the day was pretty lost. We went to check in at our hotel and then for a walk on the world longest pedestrian street: Strøget.

The 3.2 km street is also the oldest pedestrian street in the world. And yeah, that evening we walked over 7km and that was just the start.

We walked by the Town hall and arrived in Nyhavn and then returned to our hotel after midnight.

Day two

Looking back, I can totally name this day Royal Copenhagen.

Christiansborg Palace

Our first stop was at the Christiansborg Palace.

The Christiansborg Slot, is another unique, beautiful palace, the only building in the world where all three branches of government are represented in the same place – Danish Parliament, the Supreme Court, and the Prime Minister. 

You can easily spend a couple of hours in the castle and visit the Royal Reception Rooms, the Royal Kitchen and the Ruins.

The Royal Reception Rooms:

The Danish monarchy still host their banquets and galas in here and we really enjoyed the interiors. We visited the place first thing in the morning, exactly after it opened and we were lucky to explore it without that many visitors.

I really think my words will fail describing the opulence and the beauty of the place. So enjoy the photos:

The Royal Kitchen:

Surprise surprise… another unique place, because it contains Europe’s largest collection of copperware. In case you wondered how royal parties in the 1900 looked like, this is the place for you.

The Ruins:

Last we went underground to see the remains of two castles: the Absalon Castle, which dates 1167 and the Copenhagen Castle, which was built in the late 14th century.

Frederiks Kirke – Marmorkirken

Our next stop was at the Lutheran Marble church, which is known for its beautiful rococo architecture. It was such a pity that the Dome was closed because of the bad weather.

Amalienborg Palace

We then hurried up to the Amalienborg Palace to witness the “Changing of the Guard” ceremony. The palace is located close to the Marble church and the change of guards happens daily at 12pm.

The Castle is still in Royal use, which means it is the official residence of the Danish royal family. Despite that, the castle has a Museum wing displaying an insight to the royal rooms, life, duties and traditions. The place is really informative as well.

Rosenborg Palace

Probably my favourite castle because of its fairytale-like appearance. 

The beautiful gardens, the well preserved rooms and the lavish jewellery made the place seem unreal, it had the power to transport you in the past.

The underground chambers keep the crown jewels: – “The crown jewels primarily consist of four jewellery sets; a brilliant-cut diamond set, a rose-cut diamond set, a pearl-ruby setting and an emerald set. The emeralds are among the finest in the world.”

The treasury truly holds some beautiful items and there are so many antiques to look at- the jewellery alone is worth the visit, however the entire castle has the power to fascinate, its architecture, its gothic vibe, the ceilings, the danish artefacts, the chandeliers, the statues, the vases and the art pieces. 

Tivoli Gardens

Since we spent the whole day visiting museums and castles, we decided to end the day doing something fun… REALLY FUN.

I love theme parks, I love scary things and I love Halloween… and Tivoli brought to life all the scary, fun elements that make Halloween fascinating. The attention to details blew everyone’s mind.

People were wearing costumes, there was also a zombie party, plus the place offers a great variety of caffes and restaurants. Only thing to complain about? IT WAS WAY TOO CROWDED!

Do you think our itinerary was way too tiering for a city break? FYI this is only part one, next two days will be covered in another post.



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