Travel Fund Ideas – Learn How To Travel More

Whenever I talk about my travels, the first question I get is, how do you afford to travel so often? 

Yes, travelling looks glamorous, especially when you keep scrolling and get flooded with bucket list-worthy marvellous destinations. Some people get jealous, but others know you need to think outside the box to do it, it requires sacrifices and a little change in your lifestyle.

If you are anything like me, you probably have a bucket list that keeps growing… I put together some ideas, that helped me save more money and travel more often. Here are some changes you can implement… and the good news? It’s really all up to you!

Open up a new savings account

I bet you didn’t expect that, did you? And I am being a little sarcastic here. But in order to be able to save money, you need to do it correctly. How many of you get your paycheck, spend it and then put what’s left in a savings account? Guilty as charged here! I used to do that too before I started to travel, now I have a long list of priorities and on top of my list, I have my savings account. I’m not going to lie, it is not easy, especially at the beginning, but now I live by the quote: “Do not save what’s left after spending, but spend what’s left after saving.” 

Track your spendings

Whether you use a spreadsheet or an app to do it, this is crucial for managing your finances. Not only it will be so much easier to set more realistic financial goals but this will also uncover hidden money leaks. You will have a better understanding of your spending habits and doing this will help you discipline yourself to always spend less… and on the things that make you happy. I am using Spendee and I love that it gives you a visual representation of what you’re spending. (And YES! The majority of my money is spent on travel #priorities)

Stay in

If you want to build up your travel fund, you’ll need to give up going out so often. Instead of buying that Starbucks coffee, why not make your caffeinated hot beverage at home? Just putting that $5 – $10 into a bank account every day will add up long term. That applies to food as well. I saw a meme lately saying “Average American spends $15 a day eating out. That’s $450 a month. Include drinks about $600-$700 a month. In two months you can buy tickets everywhere in the world. You can afford to travel. You’re just too lazy to cook”. Now let that soak in!

Cancel memberships you’re not using

When I cancelled my Netflix subscription, everyone made a big fuss about it. It wasn’t hard to do it because I knew I either entertain myself mindlessly binge-watching TV shows or learn new skills, focus on my blog, on my growth and put that extra money into a saving account that in a year can buy me 3 low-cost flights.

Maybe you won’t give up your Netflix subscription, but are you making the most of your gym membership? 

Did you also make sure you cancelled all your unwanted subscriptions? If you are an Apple user, you might have several monthly subscriptions billed through iTunes you even forgot about. You might check that out!

Detach yourself

We live in a society so focused on spending. Just open your TV, scroll on Facebook, Instagram and you’ll be swamped with ads the very next second. Learn to cut down on the amount of television you watch, focus on your priorities, declutter, get rid of the things you don’t need and make room for the experiences that will truly make you happy.




I am here to offer you more tips and tricks on how to travel more and be more creative, the next article is for you if you want to learn how to take better photos when you travel.

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11 responses to “Travel Fund Ideas – Learn How To Travel More”

  1. I love what you said on detaching ourselves. Decluttering helped me a lot in establishing a healthier relationship with my stuff and start purchasing only the things that bring value into my life, while saving more money 🙂


  2. This is important! Traveling does take prep and sacrifice. If you want a good vacation you have to be organized before and after! Right on with your article!


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