One day in Koh Hong – Longtailboat experience

Koh hong island

Is spending one day in Koh Hong (Hong Island) worth it? We asked ourselves, too, since we never heard about the island before visiting Krabi.
The first full day in Krabi was reserved for total relaxation, but also we were trying to decide on different activities. We checked different tour operators and finally booked the first trip: Hong Island.

Getting to Koh Hong

Koh Hong can be reached from Krabi via speedboat (20 mins) or longtail boat (45 minutes).

We opted for the longtail boat since we wanted to have an authentic, traditional experience.

The ride’s cost was 2,500 baht per boat for the entire day, and they allow up to 6 persons in. This is definitely cheaper if you travel with a few friends.

Keep in mind you’ll also have to pay 300 Baht per person at the island’s steep entry.

What to expect from a Longtailboat experience to Koh Hong

Depending on what tour you choose and where your hotel is located, you can either have someone pick you up from your hotel or agree on a meeting point.

We had to be at our meeting point at 8 A.M. However, we woke up really early that day, and we were already there at 7.30. This was probably the best idea since the boat captain was already there and agreed to take us earlier to Hong island.
The island is not inhabited, and you aren’t allowed to spend the night there, which meant an empty beach for us.

If you booked a private tour, try arriving at your meeting point as early as possible. Most likely, there will be a boat captain ready to take you to Koh Hong 10 minutes before your schedule. And you’ll get to enjoy an empty beach.

Beach gets crowded fast, so try and reach early to avoid crowds.

What to bring with you on Hong Island

The island has only one small restaurant-shop, on top of not finding what you need, everything is overpriced.

Bring with you snacks, drinks, a hat, SPF cream, mosquito repellent, and water shoes instead of slippers, cash, vinegar (I’ll explain later).

Must-do activities on Hong Island

The beaches clean, the water crystal clear, and the limestone cliffs make this place feel unreal.

The island is a paradise for swimming and snorkeling activities BUT beware of the Jelly Fish. Be extra careful during snorkeling and have a bottle of vinegar with you (the vinegar will alleviate the pain and prevent venom release).

Hong Island also has a jungle path in the middle of its rainforest. Spend an hour here and discover the rich flora and fauna the island has to offer. Make sure you’ll go to the forest wholly covered and have a good mosquito repellent; otherwise, all the mosquitos will have a feast.

Have a coconut drink on the beach, seriously those coconuts were the best.

Continuing the day tour on Hong Island

The private tour also includes a boat tour to the Lagoon and a visit to Koh Pak Bia.

Koh Pak Bia is a small island located in the Koh Hong archipelago. The place to be if you want to relax, have a swim, and enjoy a beautiful view. Just bring your water shoes. There are lots of sharp rocks.
Unfortunately, Koh Pak Bia doesn’t accept overnight tourists either, so your boat captain will take you back to Krabi before the sunsets.

Watch the whole experience:

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2 responses to “One day in Koh Hong – Longtailboat experience”

  1. Beautiful photos! My husband and I debated going to Hong Island while in Thailand. Great advice on bringing vinegar – I’ve never thought about that!


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