Krabi and Ao Nang, Planning the week in Southern Thailand

Planning a week in Krabi, Ao Nang

Arriving in Krabi

Krabi Day One

It’s the start of the second week in Thailand, and we just arrived in Krabi. The flight from Chiang Mai to Krabi was supposed to be one hour, but it turned out to be 70 minutes longer due to the storm.

I might easily remember this flight all my life. Not because of the bumpy ride, but because of the show the sky had for us.

Layers of different cloud types combined with a sunset painted some colors our camera could barely pick.

Is it that much of a surprise when I say we landed on terrible weather? I’m usually lucky like that. You might add to the list the fact that I was the last one picking my luggage up.

I started to doubt the fact that they can’t misplace or lose your luggage when you don’t even have a connecting flight.

Anyway, after wasting another hour at the airport, buying some food and looking for the bus station, we eventually found the driver. Since nothing went as planned, there is no surprise when I tell you that we had to wait another long 40 minutes until all seats were filled, is it?

We called it a day once we checked in at the hostel.

Yes, #hostellife is life for the next week. I often alternate between luxury travel and budget travel to make sure I do not overspend on vacation, especially if it’s a long one.

We found a cute hostel with a private room, bathroom, and a pool, and it was clear to us that we’ve made the best choice.

You’ll save up money and also meet the coolest travelers.

So, the first day in Krabi was pretty hectic, we spent half the day in Chiang Mai and visited the Wat Chedi Luang temple. We were the whole day in a hurry to catch our flight, only to have delays because of the weather. We called it a day.

Ao Nang Beach

Krabi day two

Situated 20 minutes away from Krabi Town, Ao Nang is a touristic beach that connects you to the best views via the longtail boat.
We spent the entire day on the beach, and our only plan for the day was to relax, swim, enjoy the view and eat really good.

Since Ao Nang is very touristic, we took some time to check different tour operators and decide on the next day’s activities.
There is a variety of options, and we realized to our horror that a few more days wouldn’t be enough to see everything.

So this is what we agreed upon:

Day 3 in Krabi: Rent a private Longtail boat to Koh Hong Island

Day 4 in Krabi: Visit the Tiger Cave

Day 5 in Krabi: Day trip, self-organized tour in Phi Phi (worst idea)

Day 6 in Krabi: Phi Phi Organized Tour with guide

The weather wasn’t on our side, but we took advantage of the tropical rain and had so much fun:

Stay tuned for more!
xo Claudia

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