Helsinki one day Itinerary

One day is never enough to spend in any city; Helsinki is no exception. Whenever I travel to a new city, I write down a vast list of the things that I want to see, measure their distance from the hotel, check the schedule, and plan accordingly.

Helsinki was an exception this time; we had a 40something-hour layover when returning from our trip to the Arctic Circle. We were cold and a bit tired from all that adventure, so we kind of went with the flow. Looking back, I still think we managed to see and do so much, considering how little we prepared for this city break.

One Day Itinerary In Helsinki

The Finnish Museum of Photography

Compelling photography and captivating stories behind every photo. The museum features different artists, both Finnish and international. It is a small museum, and there’s not that much to see – I would say it’s not worth 10 euros for a visit. 

However, the entrance is included with the Helsinki Card. 

This museum is located at the “Kaapelitehdas” -cable factory, and there are other museums in the same building (you have to pay separately for each museum if you don’t have the Helsinki Card)

The Hotel and Restaurant Museum

We went upstairs on the third floor of Kaapelitehdas. There we have this interesting museum, which focuses on tourism, the history of hotels and restaurants.  

The furnished rooms transport you to the past without any doubt, the scent bar is entertaining; everything is well labeled and translated to English.

I liked this museum, most probably because of my interest in the hospitality industry. If you are in the neighborhood, you might as well consider visiting it.

Temppeliaukio Church

Known as the Church of the Rock because it was built directly into solid rock.
The church has an impressive architecture that stands out through its simplicity. The subterranean church is often used as a concert venue due to its astounding acoustics.

One Day Itinerary In Helsinki

HAM Museum – Helsinki Art Museum

Okay, that is the last museum we’ve been to in Helsinki, and out of the three museums we visited in Helsinki, the most thought-provoking.

The museum is unusually located in a mall-like building called Tennispalatsi. The Tennispalatsi or the Tennis Palace houses a movie theatre, the HAM Museum, the Museum of Culture, and different other shops and restaurants.

When you enter the building, you are surrounded by the slogan: “Art is popcorn for the brain.”
What I liked most about this museum is the fact that it was so interactive, who thought art could be so fun?


A world underground

Helsinki One Day Itinerary

Why take long walks in cold weather? Well, that is a very pertinent question, especially after discovering the entire underground infrastructure Helsinki hides.
The underground tunnel network is impressive; we took the metro to save up time and discovered a new city underground: shops, restaurants, and a shelter from the cold weather.

Helsinki Cathedral

Another church that stands out through simplicity. Located on the Senate Square, this is the most emblematic buildings in Helsinki.
We hurried up to visit the church during daylight and had a big surprise when no one was there. The square was almost empty, and we could take some photos unbothered while freezing in the cold.

The cathedral was closed, however we took a peak inside through a window. See more photos below:

One Day Itinerary In Helsinki

Uspenski Cathedral

A beautiful cathedral located on a hillside near the Market Square. We were pretty sure we will not find the Cathedral open so we took some photos of it from the distance and continued flaneuring through the city.

Just Relax

After a longer walk, we decided to call it a day. However, the malls were still open and we decided to buy some unique skincare containing arctic water 😀

One Day in Helsinki – A hotel with private sauna

We stayed in a very spacious, and central apartment – The Hellsten Helsinki Senate.

The Studio apartment had two floors and we had access to a private sauna. What better way to relax at the end of the day?

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Helsinki One Day Itinerary



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