2019 Travel year in Review

Hello 2020,

2019 has been undoubtedly the best year so far and a fantastic travel year.

It was the year I decided to dream even bigger, the year I stopped listening to the voices that said “if you dream too big, you’ll just be disappointed”, instead I took a moment to look back and tell myself “look how far my big dreams have brought me”.

At the beginning of 2020, I want to look back one more time to celebrate all the small wins and the beautiful travel memories. I want to start talking about blessings more than I talk about problems! 

I try to travel so much because to me, experiences are more valuable than any material thing! So please do not compare your journey with mine!


In January, I revisited my family in Belgium. I had a wonderful time exploring Belgium’s hidden underground world, visiting a chocolate factory in Brugge, and spending some quality time at a spa with my cousin.

If you want to read more about Belgium’s underground world, click here.


Revisiting Maastricht made me feel like a flaneur again; roaming in the oldest city in the Netherlands, joined by two inspiring women in my life – my mom and my aunt, has been so much fun.

Read the adventure here.


Seeing the Northern Lights at the Arctic Circle in Finland was probably one of the best experiences ever. It was a full month with travels to Bucharest, Helsinki, and Rovaniemi.

Click here for more.


Revisited Venice and spent a week in the Dolomites doing literally nothing besides long walks, hike, laying at the spa and enjoying Italian food. Totally a bliss.

More on visiting the Dolomites during extra season here.


June was a very eventful month. Visited my family in England and spent a memorable time with my aunt. Went to a wine festival and visited the Roman Baths.


My grandma turned 90 in September, so my family and I went to Cluj-Napoca to celebrate her. Went to Bucharest and attended a conference for creators and bloggers, I also got the chance to be a tourist in my own city – Timisoara; meeting and working with the coolest travel bloggers in Romania.


My dream came true and I toured Iceland in July. Already created the travel guide, need to force myself to publish it one day. Read how I spent the first day here.

More about Iceland’s unique black beaches here.


Last trip of the year and by far the most eventful one. We visited Bangkok, took the night train to Chiang Mai, meditated with the Buddhist monks, attended the Loy Kratong and the Yee Peng festival, snorkel in the Phi Phi islands and climbed the equivalent of a 80 floor building to visit a buddhist Temple in Krabi.

Any place you’d like to add to your travel list in 2020?

See the 2018 travel year in review here.



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13 responses to “2019 Travel year in Review”

  1. Oh you’re travel year is my dream! So much of Europe, elephants and Iceland. Can’t wait to see where you are off to in 2020!


  2. That’s such a great idea for a post and you made so many new memories in 2019! Thank you for inspiring me to travel more!


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