How traveling makes you more creative

how traveling changes you

I’ve been talking a lot about creativity these days, mainly because it pains me to write about different destinations when I’m not able to travel in the foreseeable future.

Traveling has made me more aware of the realities that surround my existence, it helped me transform my vision of the world in a positive way, discover new horizons and witness other ways of thinking and living.

Traveling is not only about discovering new horizons, it’s about witnessing other ways of living and thinking and facing different social and economic context. Walking on new lands is insignificant when it comes to how traveling plays a part in our personal development.

Traveling deepens the general culture

While traveling to places the first good news is that you will now be able to place these countries on a map! But besides the geographical knowledge, traveling also allows you to cultivate without even realizing it. Casually, each trip will allow you to learn more about the history of the country and discover the customs and traditions of new people. Unless your travels are focused only on idleness, you are also likely to interact with locals. And what better than new encounters to learn about the way of life, language and culture of the inhabitants?

Traveling develops openness

At a time when prejudices and the fear of the unknown are invading our societies, open-mindedness represents an indispensable quality.

Open to new cultures, meet foreigners, have new experiences… All these things you are not used to doing in your daily life will allow you to open yourself to the unknown.

It is through the exchange and discovery of oneself and others that one learns to be tolerant. It’s when you realize that everyone, from one end of the planet to the other, only wants to be happy, that we become aware of the need to help others.

Traveling gives inspiration 

I can’t think of a better way to boost your inspiration, traveling is an extraordinary way to recharge your creative batteries.

Traveling made me discover my love for photography and videography, but most importantly, it taught me not to be afraid to dream bigger.

What has traveling taught you?



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