Top five City Breaks for the Summer

With summer around the corner, the destinations to spend an amazing time are endless. I love being outdoors and close to the nature but I also love those sleepless summer nights, rooftop parties, loud music, being anonymous in a huge city, surrounded by strangers and all those moments you cool down with that delicious gelato.

There are certain cities you definitely need to visit during summer. Yes, the heat wave might be scary but you’ll have enough places to cool down. 

It was so hard for me to choose a top 3 so I decided to speak about 5 of my favorite city picks for the summer. Get your walking shoes ready because you’ll need them. 


An ideal city if you’re interested in history, but not only. The pretty small central area has a strong cafe and taverna culture and you’ll be able to fuel your creative energy discovering unique places in the city. 

When I visited we chose not to stay in the city center, instead we opted for a hotel located at the seafront of Palaio Faliro, on the costal avenue. Even though it was 6 km away from the city center, we could easily get there and enjoy the sea view at the same time. 


The eternal city has so much to offer. It’s one of my favorite european cities. Every corner is a work of art or a piece of history. You’ll also be able to visit the world’s smallest country: Vatican. The art collection, artifacts and sculptures you’ll see here will definitely blow your mind and will make the trip unforgettable. 

If this doesn’t impress you, don’t worry, you can take the public transport and be on the beach in Ostia (Rome’s nearest beach) in less than one hour. 

Sounds to me like a travel destination for all tastes. 


The Miami vibe is literally like what’s portrayed in the movies: luxurious buildings and cars, night clubs, turquoise waters and palm trees. The locals are friendly and welcoming but expect to hear more Spanish than English. 

If I have to sum up the city in one word , it would be colorful. It’s true what they say, there’s no place like Miami, so definitely a city that should be on your travel list for the summer. 


Lisbon is one of those European cities that don’t feel like Europe at all. The place has so many stunning viewpoints, so alive, amazing street art and beautiful architecture.  And do not forget to try the Pasteis de Belem:

New York 

I’ll admit, I fell head over heels for the magic of this beautiful city.

Summer in New York can be unbearably hot, but don’t worry and take the subway to the amazing beaches within the hour of the city. 

If you don’t want to leave the city, just spend the day outdoors in the Central Park. 

Keep in mind there are so many ways to enjoy New York no matter the weather: the views, the atmosphere, sipping cocktails on a roof top, there’s something exciting always happening in the big apple. 

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