Dream Goals Workbook

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Get your printable planner and workbook now and make sure 2020 is going to be how you designed!

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I strongly believe that every small, consistent action creates a ripple effect. Also, when you map out your goals you are able to plan exactly how you reach them.

So, I combined a workbook with a planner to help you have a clear vision, get organised and take daily action.

Let’s crush our goals together and make 2020 memorable!



2 reviews for Dream Goals Workbook

  1. Lexie

    I just bought this, even though I initially was skeptical, because often times, I plan things on the go. I enjoy the chaos in my life. Or do I? Maybe I just got used to the routine. This workbook actually made me question my life choices and how I really need to focus on the things that speak to me. It is very well organized, clear, and goes straight to the point. It definitely helps me set goals and plan how I want to approach achieving them, week by week, month by month, day by day. Tomorrow starts today.

  2. Andy (verified owner)

    Amazing, really helped me keep to my goals and organise my life better.

    All the best 🙂

    • Claudia (verified owner)

      you guys are the sweetest. happy to hear!

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