Fuerteventura – Day 1 and 2 Travel Plan

Fuerteventura – this amazing island located in the Canaries, just 100 km North of the coast of Africa. When I think of this place, I think of all the activities, the rich diversity of beaches and the amazing landscapes.

We visited in June and we spent there 7 days – to be honest, those 7 days were not enough, when it comes to what that island has to offer.

Day one

We arrived after 7 p.m. so there wasn’t much to do on day one, we rented our car and drove to Corralejo and checked in to our apartment for the week.


Day two


  1. Corralejo and the port

Started our day with a walk after breakfast to the port of Corralejo, we just wanted to get familiar with the city and see the offers for a boat ride.


  1. Corralejo Natural Park and Grandes Playas

We got our car and drove to the Corralejo Natural Park. Little did we know how vast this park was, it covers around 24 km2, and the whole area is composed of the shells of marine creatures.

Also, there are literally kilometres of parking spaces, but since we did not know that, we parked our car just shortly after entering the park, happy that we found a good parking lot. Later that day we found out – to our horror – that we missed the sand dunes, so obviously we ended up revisiting the park on another day, however we had lots of fun watching the kite surfers at the windy beach of Grandes Playas:


  1. EL Cotillo

Our next stop was one of the cleanest and most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen – El Cotillo Beach and Lagoon. We spent the afternoon there, jogging on the beach, swimming in the cold water and sunbathing.


  1. Faro El Toston

We ended our activities for the day by visiting the El Toston Lighthouse, since we visited the place after 6pm, we could not enter the small traditional fishing museum, but here are some photos from the outside.



I love having a plan when traveling but also some time to enjoy. How many activities are on your “to do” list for a day of being away?



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