The Online Creator Workshop

Tired of blogging without seeing any results?
Feeling stuck?
Tired of paying for courses and getting no personalised feedback?

4-Week intensive Live workshop


The Online Creator Workshop is meant to help ALL CONTENT CREATORS define digital goals, develop realistic and achievable steps. 

Get discovered by the relevant brands and audience in YOUR field!

We know how overwhelming it is to start and stand out in this blogging space.

We’ve been exactly where you are today and we are COMMITTED to helping you create the required steps to reach your goals. 


Week 1 – Content Goals

Are you getting the RESULTS you want from creating content?

During the first week, we will define your goal and talk about the kind of content that is most suited for your objectives.

Understanding what kind of content you need to create will further help you reach your audience and monetize your platform.

 We will share our mindset hacks and strategies to never run out of content.

Week 2 – Organic Growth 

Get on top of your SEO game!

You’ll learn how to reach your audience organically.

You’ll discover PROVEN tools to grow your blog.

Get EXCLUSIVE insights on how to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Understand how to optimize your blog for more traffic. 

Week 3 – Visual Content

Creating rich visual content isn’t just for your vanity (and it’s something YOU can learn)! 

Remarkable visual content will propel you in front of brands and determine your new VIRAL post. 

We cover everything you need to know about creating stunning content for all platforms.

Remember “Content is King” especially when it comes to creating a brand and MONETIZING your platform. 

Week 4 – Marketing Tools

Proven ways to make your blog PROFITABLE!

Learn how to market your personal brand on social media to gain the most EXPOSURE for your creative content. 

We are discussing different STRATEGIES and HONESTLY share what worked for us when it comes to Instagram and Pinterest growth.  

We’ll also share other marketing TACTICS to MONETIZE your blog. 


Are you ready to upgrade your content?


The Online Creator Workshop is designed by two passionate bloggers and social media enthusiasts.
Claudia and Julia have both left their IT jobs to pursue their passion for traveling and blogging.
The common interest for content creation is what brought them together in this project.