Let’s chat a bit about this thing called “New Year’s Resolution”. As we enter this new decade, everyone suddenly undergoes a personality change and starts making new promises to themselves and to others.

On the other side, so many of us are looking in retrospection just to reevaluate our life choices and condemn ourselves. This is why so many of us get depressed during this period.

I truly believe that retrospection is NOT an annual report.

If we indeed want change in our lives, we should evaluate ourselves daily, improve something daily, wake up 2 minutes earlier – daily!

Great change comes with small steps and I know for sure, writing down a resolutions list simply won’t improve your life.

My proven method


2019 was the year I had the courage to go after what I wanted.

2019 was the year I left my corporate job and started my creative business.

2019 was the year I took control over my life.

2019 was the year I could look the future in the eyes and have no fear.


I looked for CLARITY and then I worked BACKWARDS to get what I wanted


I strongly believe that every small, consistent action creates a ripple effect.

Also, when you map out your goals you are able to plan exactly how you reach them.

So, I combined a workbook with a planner to help you have a clear vision, get organised and take daily action.

every accomplishment is made up of small steps taken over and over again. 

Do you want a clear vision for 2020?
Do you want to be more consistent?
Do you want to materialize your dreams by the end of 2020?

Let’s crush 2020 together!



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